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Is there a source for the photo? I'd always heard there was no existing photograph of Crazy Horse.

Crazy Horse photo[edit]


My question is the same. According to Evan S. Connell in Son of the Morning Star there may be one authentic photograph of Crazy Horse, showing him on horseback. Originally it was thought to be part of the W. H. Over Collection at the University of South Dakota.

Most other purported photos of Crazy Horse have been more accurately identified as other individuals.

Crazy Horse photo[edit]

Additional information regarding this photo. According to the W.H. Over State Museum at the University of South Dakota, this individual is another Lakota (possibly Brule) called Crazy in the Lodge. This can be confirmed by contacting the registrar at USD, and by additional web searches.

Go to the External Link "A sympathetic but detailed account of his life and death" for a discussion of the validity of the photo. KWG