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Cappy may refer to:



  • Ralph Cappy (1943–2009), Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
  • Cappy Thompson (born 1952), American artist in the medium of glass
  • nickname of Fred Capossela (1902–1991), American thoroughbred race track announcer
  • nickname of Franklin Cappon (1900–1961), American college football and basketball player and coach
  • nickname of Cara Capuano, American sports reporter and television sports anchor
  • nickname of Catharine Bond Hill, American economics professor and current president of Vassar College
  • nickname of W. H. Lillard (1881–1967), American football coach and educator


Other uses[edit]

  • Cappy (juice), a brand of juices produced and commercialized by the Coca-Cola Company in Eastern Europe

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